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The first Preview Release of the LEX AI app is now available. Join us in this exciting journey - to change the way legal professionals work.

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Manage the endless flow of new laws and regulations

Lawyers and Regulatory Professionals across all industries are facing tremendous pressure to keep up with the continuous flow of changes in international and connected national legislation. The complexity, the interconnected timelines and the strategic impacts of this continuous flow of regulations are tremendous and regulatory experts need to spend a huge part of their time to keep up with new developments​. LEX AI will support you to navigate this complex regulatory landscape.

New regulatory acts emerge in the European Union - each year
Existing regulatory acts expire in the European Union - each year

Our Content: Your Regulatory Research & Knowledge hub

LEX AI provides a powerful machine learning and AI powered Legal Tech platform that enables Lawyers, and regulatory professionals in corporations and institutions to keep up with the massive flow of changes in international legislation. LEX AI delivers unique aggregated and special content (summaries, wallpapers, connections, synopsis) formats to increase your efficiency when coping with new regulation. LEX AI cuts costs and efforts for legal research and knowledge building activities by up to 75%.

We believe it's time to introduce a new way of working in the legal profession.

Dr. Susann Funke, CEO & Legal Officer LEX AI
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Our Community: Your Real-Time access to a global network of Legal Professionals

In addition to the powerful research and knowledge building features LEX AI provides instant access and real-time interaction to a global community of legal professionals. Stay on top and comment on actual regulatory developments by interacting with your peers.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable everyone to navigate the complex legal landscape - at a glance.
Our vision is to aggregate and enhance regulatory sources and connect legal and business professionals globally.

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The first Preview Release of the LEX AI app is now available. Join us in the exciting journey - to change the way legal professionals work.

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